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Payment Details


Have you received a debt collection letter from us? Please use the following details to pay the invoice:

Plusgiro: 417 03 04-2
Bankgiro: 450-0732

Bank: Nordea
IBAN: SE5895000099602600365171

Please use the correct reference number (OCR) as stated in your letter. As it is extremely important that the correct reference number is used, please do no hesitate to contact us if you are unable to locate the OCR.


Our contact details can be found here.


You can also pay by Swish. Our Swish number is 123-635 72 14.

Please be advised of the following when paying by Swish: Only the OCR number is to be entered in the message field. Please do not enter any other information in the message field.

If you are paying several invoices, separate payments are required for each invoice.